Synergy is committed to explore its social responsibilities by working with its neighbours, partners and stakeholders to have a positive impact on the communities. There are two different avenues where Synergy contributes to comply its commitment ensuring effective corporate social responsibilities. The first one consists of providing funding and resources for worthwhile social causes, such as donating money or employee time to charities. Synergy also drives CSR initiatives, by putting together a real plan to provide services that are in the best interests of society (these include corporate environmental initiative, people empowerment, job creation and economic development).

Projects in the communities, adopted by Synergy’s CSR team members, focus on supporting programs that will ensure sustainability and help people live better lives, by expanding access to education, establishing social infrastructure, creating livelihoods and encouraging self reliance.

The projects are identified through a needs survey carried out in various locations. Projects are then prioritized as per their merits and executed. The projects are chosen in the domains of Education, Health Care, People Empowerment, Environment protection, Job placement and economic development.

Synergy believes that true sustainability will be achieved if education is focused on. Synergy recently conducted ‘Career Development Training’ for the students of Sree Ramakrishna Mission Girls School, Chennai. This unique workshop was conducted by Synergy’s Consultants Mrs Gayathri and Mr Vinod to transform the lives of young children having poor financial background.

Synergy has been contributing for fund raising initiatives of
The German Leprosy Relief Association India (GLRA India) [www.glraindia.org] was founded by Mr. Hermann Kober in 1957 as the "Deutsches Aussätzigen-Hilfswerk" (DAHW) with its headquarters in Wurzburg, Germany. Over the past 50 years, GLRA has been giving sustainable assistance to sick and marginalized people in developing and emerging countries. Millions of sick people and outcasts in Africa, Asia, Central and South America have got medical treatment and social support through GLRA. GLRA India was established in 1966 with its central office in Chennai.