Company profile

Synergy was formed with a vision to transform Industries and Professionals, ensuring ‘Continual Growth’, on all fronts. Synergy has the competency to handle assignments under various business verticals having effective interface. These various avenues are synergized and motivated to form the Synergy Group so that the client organization can get benefitted from one source having technical expertise to satisfy their needs.

As a part of Globalization and change of market trend, all the organisations need to work smartly so that the customer can be satisfied. Further they can achieve ‘customer delight’ status. Therefore, there is a birth of an opportunity to provide necessary guidance / consulting services to the industries and professionals how they can transform themselves. The inception of Synergy was based on exploring such opportunities and truly to add values.

By applying unique approach, Synergy provides cost effective and greater value to their clients they serve. Synergy always designs multidisciplinary services to suit clients’ individual needs because Synergy understands that no two clients’ issues are the same. Combining insight and learning from multiple disciplines and industries, Synergy helps organizations to excel, no matter what they do and no matter where they are located in the world.

Synergy’s unique approach is ‘Continual Growth’ to address the challenges and opportunities and provide a framework for ‘step-by-step improvements’. The framework is designed to provide necessary guidance so that they can improve their abilities and perform against the set benchmarks. In the process, it is to harness growth and make the organization future-ready.

From a home-grown firm, Synergy has been operating for last 18 years in India, UAE, Nigeria, Singapore, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Synergy’s global presence has been nurtured through